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Every morning I wake-up, shake the fuzz out of my brain, and hit the ground running. I want to be more laid back and go with the flow (and some days I am that person). But all the other days I am hustling Ramsey and Isabelle (my kids) through life, alternating between adoring William (my husband) and wanting to give him a light pop upside his head, teaching kids with special needs, and tending to Cotton and Jack (the dadgum dogs).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cuss words

I want to cuss pretty often, and do, except when I blog.  Mainly I don't cut loose to avoid offending anyone, or have evidence that I have a potty mouth.  But, I am good at it...cussing, that is. So when I blog without cursing, I greatly reduce my vocabulary.  And sometimes I just really don't think it sounds like me without the "d" word, "s" word, and most especially without the "f" word. People that know me understand what I mean; because most of the time when I cuss, it's not in a deragatory way, but rather for affect or emphasis.  Curse words do the job sometimes when no other word can.....and those non-cussers out there know it, too.  That's why they use words like shoot, goshdarn, dang'it, friggin', golly, dadgum,sheesh...and all of those other wimpy-ass words that fall short of making the point. Not one person on this planet lives a life that is so even and un"f"d up that a curse word is never needed. Stub your toe lately?  It hurts. And "Oh My, That Hurt!" just doesn't cut it. 
Anyway, I wish I could feel o.k. about cussing in my blog.  But I still don't. Damn it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Right this minute Tesla is rocking my world with "No Way Out"....I am on one of those iTunes trips where you go to find a song, one thing leads to another, and you are back in 1995.  And that is on the return ride  from 1984 and Ratt (Round and Round), 1985 and Cinderella (Gypsy Road), 1987 and Guns N Roses (Every stinkin' song on the album, right Dora?), 1988 and Bon Jovi's New Jersey ("Stick to Your Guns" makes me want to pull my hair and scream like the 13 year old girl I was when I listened to the cd a zillion times) , Van Halen in 1983, 1984, 1986, 1991......Especially 1991 For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Tour ....I paid for Sean Copeland's ticket and mine with my Winn Dixie paycheck so I would have someone to go with me to the concert in Jacksonville (I was only 16.) .....1991 Pearl Jam (Black...riding dirt roads).... 1990 Alice n Chains (Would) , 1994 Stone Temple Pilots (Interstate Love Song....riding over the bridge on my way to Jekyll Island), Soundgarden 1994 (Spoonman).  1991 Metallica (All of the songs, All of them!)

"Until some loco two-bit floosie with a Louie Le-Strange" sang Tesla.

My butt is numb from sitting on this wooden chair for so long...but I am completely addicted to this rope I'm pulling on.
Seriously.....If you love me, go to iTunes and download Bon Jovi's "Stick to Your Guns".

Thursday, June 10, 2010

H is for Hydrangeas

Without a doubt, my favorite time of year is when the hydrangeas have bloomed....not only do they make me feel good just looking at means it summer!  Hot! Sticky! Sunny! Sweaty! Humid! Tan! Icees! Pool! Beach! Cold Beer! Sumer Music! No School! Sleep Late! SUUUUUUMMMMEEERR!  Not to mention late night pavement smells, car lights, iPod blasting, toxins pouring out covering me with salty slick sweat....then- whoosh into the pool...aaaahhhh.

Speaking of hydrangeas....I can't grow em.....but here are some pictures of the ones in my neighborhood. (Blue is still my favorite.)  They sorta take my breath away.

On my table at home......oh, how pretty.