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Every morning I wake-up, shake the fuzz out of my brain, and hit the ground running. I want to be more laid back and go with the flow (and some days I am that person). But all the other days I am hustling Ramsey and Isabelle (my kids) through life, alternating between adoring William (my husband) and wanting to give him a light pop upside his head, teaching kids with special needs, and tending to Cotton and Jack (the dadgum dogs).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cuss words

I want to cuss pretty often, and do, except when I blog.  Mainly I don't cut loose to avoid offending anyone, or have evidence that I have a potty mouth.  But, I am good at it...cussing, that is. So when I blog without cursing, I greatly reduce my vocabulary.  And sometimes I just really don't think it sounds like me without the "d" word, "s" word, and most especially without the "f" word. People that know me understand what I mean; because most of the time when I cuss, it's not in a deragatory way, but rather for affect or emphasis.  Curse words do the job sometimes when no other word can.....and those non-cussers out there know it, too.  That's why they use words like shoot, goshdarn, dang'it, friggin', golly, dadgum,sheesh...and all of those other wimpy-ass words that fall short of making the point. Not one person on this planet lives a life that is so even and un"f"d up that a curse word is never needed. Stub your toe lately?  It hurts. And "Oh My, That Hurt!" just doesn't cut it. 
Anyway, I wish I could feel o.k. about cussing in my blog.  But I still don't. Damn it.


  1. Kind of like curse is not as juicy as cuss...dang it!

  2. that's not's me, Dora, I don't know what I did!!!

  3. This is very "freakin" funny!!

  4. Ha ha ha! Laughing my...butt off! I just can't do it! :)